Portraits, weddings, pets, nature and events along with  businesses and their products are my areas of speciality. Having a broad range of skills across different subject matters allows me to bring something unique to your project. 

Ian Clark

Email:      ian.clark8@bigpond.com.au

Mobile (Aus)  0418 887 511

Why choose me? -    Simple, your involved and you get great customer service. I quote up front and stick to that.  A good photography shoot is all about the pre-planning and understanding expectations.  I like to understand exactly what my customers are after and that can be from face to face meeting or having a shared Pinterest site and saving the kind of photos you want.  No big headed artistic ego here - my job is to get what your after so that's how I work.  Being a bit of a funny bugger and having a sense of humour also helps. After many years as a senior marketing executive hiring advertising agencies and photographers I have seen the best and worst ways to work with clients. Now I've gone behind the lens myself and have taken all those learnings with me.  I've been in Australian National Geographic, Australian Photograpy Magazine, Brisbane Courier Mail and won international recognition in the Epson Pano awards. thank you for reading and cheers -  Clarky